Build Healthy Sustainable Relationships — It’s Easier Than You Think

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Start Building Healthy Relationships Today

A common mis-perception is that by having a session it means there is something wrong with your current relationship/s. Quite the contrary, I think we are where we are supposed to be. The question is do you want more? Nurture your communication skills. Deal with something that makes you feel “stuck”. Or you just want some support on your own personal growth.

During your session we will work on ways to make your current and future relationships as healthy as possible. We’ll work on communication techniques that honor you and the other person. We’ll work on ways to ensure that you are heard and seen. We’ll work on boundaries that protect you from feeling hurt by others’ actions or choices. We’ll work on creating processes to deal with reactive emotions, such as anger, sadness, and hopelessness.

Please accept my sincere wish for you to be cherished as the beautiful person you are.

Why Are Healthy Relationships Important

 Healthy relationships are important because they bring us “inner peace”. Who doesn’t want that. I’ve been on a mission to find inner peace all my life. I found it. But what does that mean. It means my state of mind is different. My perceptions of people, events, and myself are different. It doesn’t mean I no longer have hardships. However, my hardships today are handled with a sense of peace. Don’t get me wrong: I make no claim of perfection. I still have my feelings. I still get my feelings hurt from time to time. I’m still a work in progress. But ten years ago, I reacted much differently. I felt bad. I carried a burden of discontent. Today, I can let go of my negative feelings with relative ease. I worked hard to accomplish that goal. I want you to know what it’s like.

What YOU Get From Healthy Relationships Via Our Sessions

When you start taking steps toward Healthy Relationships, you world begins to change — literally. Some of the changes you will experience are as follows:

      You Will:

  • Find strength and excitement about facing each new day
  • Attract people into your life that “honor you” and treat you with respect
  • Feel like you belong
  • Communicate in ways that ensure you are heard and seen
  • Understand why certain feelings are triggered by events or other people’s choices
  • Learn how to process your feelings and let them go
  • Establish boundaries for existing relationships that “honor you” and demand respect in a compassionate way
  • Deal with past issues that are hampering your personal growth and inner peace
  • Discover how to make positive choices that attract what you need — manifesting

 The Inner Peace Myth

 There is a myth about inner peace. The myth: once you’ve discovered it, you’re happy all the time and life is all cherries and no pits. The truth is inner peace is something that requires constant work to maintain. The work is both simple and difficult. Simple to understand. Difficult to apply.

 What Work is Required to Find and Maintain Inner Peace

 It is all about relationships. Relationships with yourself. Relationships with the world. Relationships with others. Once you learn the skills to have healthy relationships, inner peace is a byproduct. A much appreciated result of your hard work.

 First Session for 50 Percent Discount — Why Not Test the Waters

Your worth is always the same. It is your perceptions that change. There are times we all need a little support to take the next step for our personal growth. For those times, I offer my support and my experience. Together, we will create a way of living that will bring you a sense of peace. Contact Me Today and let’s begin your journey.